Female hornbill killed by stray dogs at Piasau Nature Reserve

The female hornbill, which died after it was attacked by stray dogs in the nature reserve.

By John Isaac

A FEMALE hornbill has died after it was attacked by stray dogs at Piasau Nature Reserve (PNR), Miri.

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Miri chairman Musa Musbah disclosed this in a Facebook post.

Musa, in his post, said MNS has been informed by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) about the death of the female hornbill and the identification of the bird is still in progress.

Both parties have also identified nesting holes at PNR at the ground level.

“While the female hornbill was in the hole, a group of dogs that were roaming freely at the nature reserve grabbed the hornbill from the nesting hole. It was hurt badly.

“The bird was left struggling for its life when a SFC staff who was stationed to look after the nest managed to chase the dogs away. The hornbill was quickly sent to a vet but died later,” the former SFC honorary wildlife ranger revealed as reported in Borneo Post.

Musa added that it is sad that the issue of stray dogs at PNR was addressed but being protested by dog lovers, and the Miri City Council (MCC) could not do their job to remove the dogs and cats from the nature reserve.

When contacted, Musa said that he was informed of the incident by the park warden on March 1 but SFC had only given permission to him to disclose it publicly recently.

The hornbill’s nesting hole located on the ground level at the base of a tree

According to Musa, there are several birds currently nesting in PNR.

“The hornbills that are nesting are Jimmy and Juliet, Jool and Aboi and this one is not really confirmed yet.

“We are now still trying to search for Anthony, the mate of a female hornbill named Alice, who we believe to be this female hornbill which was attacked,” he added.