Feasting on the senses with this Kek Lapis Sarawak

By Emma Victoria

THE iconic Kek Lapis Sarawak is known for its rich taste and vibrant colours. It is a one of the must-have or must-buy when visiting the Land of Hornbills.

To bake a layered cake is a time consuming process that requires a lot of patience and passion, as it is made layer by layer.

The traditional Kek Lapis was made out of many thin layers, usually with two different colours or flavours.

However, some had decided to go the extra creative mile by producing more varieties that are more visually appealing.

This is why the layered cake could cost between RM100 and RM250 per kg.

A man from Kuching who posted on his Twitter, showing his mother’s detailed and colourful Kek Lapis Sarawak and a plan for the next bake had went viral over the weekend.

He wrote: “People always ask why Kek Lapis Sarawak is so expensive. This is my mom planning her next bake.”

The Tweet has garnered more than to 100K likes and over 50K retweets in just two days.

Ken said his mother, a retired teacher, started baking 30 years ago.

“My mother and sister later set up ‘My Kitchen Confidante’ as their social media accounts to promote and cater customers who are interested to purchase their cakes. They also sell to the Peninsula but not overseas (yet),” he said.

“She (mother) used to be a teacher for Mathematics and Art teacher while my sister studied engineering,” he said when replying to a comment asking if his mother is an architect.

The mother and daughter had brought the traditional cake to the next level by incorporating vibrant colours and crafting intricate designs into the middle section of the cakes.