Family of four injured in crash with police car

By John Isaac

A FAMILY of four suffered injuries after their car collided into a police car that went out of control along KM5, Jalan Sri Aman-Kuching on Saturday.

Sarawak traffic police chief Supt Alexson Naga Chabu who confirmed the case, said the incident happened around 8.45am.

Investigations found that the police car with two policemen from Sri Aman police headquarters (IPD) inside, were travelling towards Skrang.

He stated that during their journey, the driver is believed to have lost control of the car and entered the opposite lane.

“As a result, a Viva travelling towards Sri Aman town with a family of four, did not have time to avoid the police car and collided with it.

“The collision had caused a 53-year-old front seat passenger to suffer a broken rib and fractured left hand.

“Meanwhile, the 38-year-old driver and two female passengers aged 52 and 26, suffered minor injuries and bruises,” he pointed out.

All the injured victims were promptly brought to Sri Aman Hospital for immediate treatment.

Naga pointed out that the policemen aged 38 and 35, did not suffer any injuries.

He noted that the case is being investigated under Section 43 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

Firemen from Sri Aman station were also deployed to the scene to extricate the trapped driver from inside the Viva to be handed over to the paramedics. – New Sarawak Tribune