Enhanced SOP starting in Sibujaya tomorrow is not a “lockdown”

By S. Harrish

THERE will be no lockdown in Sibujaya as speculated but the two-week enhanced SOP that starts tomorrow targets to reduce traffic movement and also some business activities.

Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai clarified this, saying news of a lockdown has been going viral on social media.

Among the claims are that the township of about 30,000 will be placed under a ‘lockdown’ and even those with police permits will not be permitted to travel out of the township.

“There is no lockdown in Sibujaya as residents with police permits can still travel in and out of the township. The enhanced SOP is to restrict traffic movement in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 in this township.

“Additionally, only businesses dealing with food, pharmacies, clinics, banks and petrol stations are allowed to operate in Sibujaya, while others even though they are categorised under essential services, they are not permitted to operate,” Sempurai told The Borneo Post.

As for non-residents of Sibujaya wishing to travel to the township, Sempurai said he would leave it the discretion of the police.

“We hope that with the enhanced SOP, we can break the chain of infection.”

He said those who have working permits to travel out to the town centre, should plan their journey ahead to avoid traffic jams at the police check point at the main entrance of Sibujaya.

“We are aware that there are many reports and complaints about traffic congestion at this checkpoint during the early morning and afternoon peak hours.

“We hope that with the enhanced SOP, traffic will be reduced.”