Drive-thru graduation for Swinburne Sarawak grads

Master of Science (Research) graduate Nur Diyana Musa receives her testamur from a member of the Graduation and Parchment team. – New Sarawak Tribune Pix

By John Isaac

THE ongoing pandemic did not deter Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus (Swinburne Sarawak) to hold a simple drive-thru event for over 200 graduates in place of the usual large-scale graduation ceremony which is held annually.

The 12-day initiative was made possible by the Graduation and Parchment team under the Student Systems and Administration unit of the Student Engagement Department.

Prior to collection day, the graduates were required to choose their preferred date and time through an online booking system.

Each graduate was given a 15-minute timeframe to drive up to the multi-purpose hall at the main entrance of the campus, to receive their transcripts and testamurs from the representatives of the Graduation and Parchment team.

Caryn Kueh Syn Lyn who graduated in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) proudly showing her testamur.
Only 22 graduates were allowed to attend per day to minimise the number of people on campus.

Other than the drive-thru method, graduates could also opt for courier or mail-out service, or Grab document delivery on a case-to-case basis.

Caryn Kueh Syn Lyn who graduated in Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) proudly showing her testamur. – New Sararak Tribune Pix

Commenting on the initiative, Swinburne’s registrar and student engagement director Esty Sharkawi said it was carried out so as not to delay the graduates’ effort in job hunting.

“As we all know, a standard hiring process would require the candidates to present the original copy of their transcript and testamur. With this small initiative, we hope it could speed up their employment process.”

Student Administration assistant manager and leader of Graduation and Parchment team Lythmee Willie said the initiative was carried out in strict compliance with the university’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) to prioritise health and safety of the Swinburne community. – New Sarawak Tribune