Door to a treasured past

An old Milo tin from the 1970s is among various unique items that can be found at Awang Amirul’s shop in Jalan Nanas Barat, Kuching. – The Star pic

AS A child, Awang Amirul Dzikri was fascinated by old items he saw at his grandmother’s home, particularly vinyl records.

This sparked his interest in collecting antiques, which he appreciates for their quality and history.

The 38-year-old has now turned his hobby into a store that showcases and sells the items.

“I’ve been collecting old items for five or six years. I needed a place to store my growing collection and decided to open a shop, ” he said.

Awang Amirul, who runs a car rental business too, operated the AAD Records and Vintage Store in Satok, Kuching for two years before moving to his current location in Jalan Nanas Barat last November.

An old Vespa is parked in front of the shop while all kinds of goods can be found inside, from old cassette tapes and vinyl records to posters, toys and vintage household items.

“I buy the items from those who don’t want them anymore.

“Sometimes I collect items from recycling centres.

“I’ve also bought old toys from a shop in Sibu, ” said Awang Amirul.

Among the more unique items in his shop are three Milo tins from the 1970s, which he bought when an old building in Carpenter Street was being sold.

“There was a grocery store in the building and the owner used to sell Milo. These tins were part of his old stock which had never been sold, ” he said.

One of his most treasured items is a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri record from 1973, which contains his favourite festive tunes from the likes of P. Ramlee and Saloma.

“It is a must to play these songs every Hari Raya, ” he said.

Another find is a Kuwahara bicycle, the same model that was featured in the Steven Spielberg movie E.T.

Awang Amirul, who has a couple of E.T. movie posters in the shop, restored the bicycle after buying it from its previous owner.

“It’s the same model as the one used in the flying bicycle scene in the movie.

“This is one item I won’t be selling. I ride this bicycle when I go cycling with my friends on weekends, ” he said.

For items that he sells, the prices are negotiable, depending on their condition.

“Some of these things only have sentimental value to a collector, ” he said.

He added that his customers were mostly collectors of vinyl records.

“I will continue collecting vintage items either to sell or keep them, ” said Awang Amirul. – The Star