Don’t overstretch Health Dept with Covid-19 SOP compound appeals

Michael Kong

By Chew Lip Song

THE respective district health departments should not be further burdened with having to process appeals for Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) violations.

Michael Kong, the special assistant to the Sarawak DAP chairman said as it is, staff from the department were already bogged down with the war against Covid-19.

“By assigning all appeal of compounds to the Health Department, the PN government is assigning additional duties to the overstretched Health Department.

“Now instead of purely focusing on the fight against Covid-19, the Health Department has to deal with compounds issued by the police force,” he said in a statement.

He suggested that a tiered system be implemented instead where only repeat offenders get heftier fines.

Kong also criticised Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) leader Milton Foo who said that offenders could appeal for a compound reduction.

Anyone who received a RM10,000 compound would naturally feel stressed as there was no assurance that the penalty would be reduced to RM50, RM100, or RM300 as alleged by Foo, added Kong.