Don’t insult Anwar, even if we do not support him

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By Francis Paul Siah

The heat is on again. With Anwar Ibrahim’s latest bombshell, we can expect temperatures to soar in the political arena in the days ahead.

Let me start on a lighter note. A friend sent me this early today. It was titled, “Anwar has the numbers, Muhyiddin (Yassin) the alphabets”.

“I have the numbers, says Anwar.

“But I have the alphabets, says Muhyiddin. From A (for Azmin) to Z (for Zahid) and all the other clowns and riff-raff in between”.

That’s for a chuckle.

Seriously, when friends (mostly from Sarawak) keep requesting for updates on the latest political development, it can get quite annoying.

I do understand them though. Since I reside on this side of the country, closer to where the action is, they think I would possibly know more. The truth is – what I know is what I’ve read in the media, just like them.

This morning, I walked through the media reports and did not like what I read in a Sarawak news portal.

It was an article on a press conference held by Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari and some of his ministers in Serian yesterday.

It is true that Anwar did not have the support of GPS in his quest to be the next prime minister.

This was made clear by GPS leaders, including the chief minister and the coalition’s secretary-general, Alexander Linggi.

What is also clear is that Anwar never named the MPs nor the parties when he claimed he has a “strong, formidable and convincing” majority.

It is fair for GPS leaders to declare that they were still solidly behind Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister. That’s their stand and it is their right to support the leader of their choice.

Abang Johari also cast doubt on whether Anwar had the numbers necessary for a majority in Parliament. That’s a fair statement.

But Deputy Chief Minister Dr James Masing (photo) has not been that diplomatic.

To describe Anwar’s behaviour as “childish and unbecoming” is uncalled for, on Masing’s part.

“You don’t play with people’s emotion like that. I’m really surprised that Anwar does things like that. For a small kid maybe but as an adult and a former deputy prime minister masih main macam tu (still playing the same political game to be prime minister)”, Masing was quoted in Dayak Daily as saying.

That was an unnecessary retort. There is no need for Masing, as a veteran and senior Sarawak leader, to insult Anwar. Irrespective of political differences, leaders should remain civil with each other.

To my friend, Masing, I hope you will exercise more discretion with your choice of words. Your target is an “incoming prime minister” Anwar, not one of the many low-life politicians around.

I do not recall Anwar saying anything negative or degrading (at least not publicly) against Masing ever.

Talking about low-life politicians, I expect this fiery salvo against Anwar coming from who – a low-life politician, who else?

Not unexpectedly, Azmin Ali came out with his guns blazing to shoot down Anwar as an “incorrigible liar and political psychopath”.

Of all people, his former boss should know Azmin better. Or his siblings, Azwan and Ummi Hafilda.

Who is Azmin? All of Malaysia now know him as the most treacherous politician to emerge in the country over the past two years.

His political career could come to an abrupt end soon as even some quarters in Umno and PAS have reservations about his credibility and integrity.

People have also not forgotten the guy’s alleged involvement in a gay sex video in a Sandakan hotel.

There is no greater incorrigible liar and political psychopath (or sociopath a better word) than Azmin himself. Someone should advise him that no one is interested in what he has to say anymore.

For now, Azmin should worry more as to whether his “Azmin’s 10” will soon become “Azmin’s 0”.

A known betrayer and traitor should just keep his mouth shut and stop annoying others.

As for a certain nonagenarian, we do not expect him to say anything nice about Anwar.

That he was quick on the draw, barely an hour after Anwar’s announcement, to pour cold water on his former protégé’s claim for the premiership, clearly reveals his true colours.

We were right. He never wanted Anwar to become prime minister.

The old man’s cynical remarks, pointing at Anwar’s previous claims of having the numbers, only caused more public disrespect and ridicule upon himself.

Perhaps, we have to remind him what all our good mothers have taught us, “If you have nothing good to say about another person, it’s best to keep your mouth shut”.

Yes, just shut up, Sir!

This piece first appeared in Malaysiakini. The views here do not necessarily represent those of this portal. 

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