Dep Minister wants Sugarbook app banned over “immoral” activities

A billboard for Sugarbook in KL was removed in 2019 following public outcry. – photo

A DEPUTY Minister wants Sugarbook, a dating app, banned following reports that over 12,000 Malaysians, mostly tertiary students, had offered themselves as “sugarbabies” using the popular platform.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Ahmad Marzuk Shaary said stern action should be taken against those registered with the platform as well as individuals who handle the Sugarbook app.

“The matter is under the government’s consideration now… we are really upset over this.

“The government will take stern action against those involved and we must find ways to stop the use of this app in the country,” he was quoted as saying in a NST report.

Ahmad Marzuk said relevant enforcement agencies under the PM’s Department could take action against app users.

“However, we will leave the matter to the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Higher Learning Ministry for further action,” he added.

It was reported that many university students in Malaysia had turn to “sugar daddies” for easy money to cover their costs of living and tuition fees following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sugarbook, touted as the biggest “sugar daddy-sugar baby” dating service in Asia, reported a 40 per cent increase in students registering as “sugar babies” since January, saying it demonstrates the financial difficulties they are facing.

The platform’s tagline is “Where Romance Meets Finance”.

It also revealed that some 12,705 students from 10 institutions of higher learning in the Klang Valley, including two public universities, are currently registered with the platform.

According to Sugarbook, the top two categories of “sugar babies” are students and fresh graduates.

They are followed by entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, lawyers, waitresses, personal assistants, make-up artists, freelance models and pharmacists.