Dep minister nods off on stage at school graduation ceremony (VIDEO)

A screenshot of Eddin Syazlee asleep on stage. He was unwell and had taken medication prior.

DEPUTY Works Minister Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith has apologised for nodding off during a graduation ceremony for students of Sekolah Menengah Agama Sains Kuala Pilah in Seremban yesterday.

His special officer, Farahiah Zubir said the Kuala Pilah MP was not feeling well but insisted on turning up for the event as the latter did not want to disappoint the organiser, Bernama reported. Eddin had taken some medication before going.

“Datuk Eddin Syazlee apologises for falling asleep at the event,” she told Bernama.

A viral 64 seconds video showed Eddin asleep in his chair, and did not wake despite being repeatedly called by the master of ceremony to officiate the event. A man believed to be the deputy minister’s bodyguard managed to wake him up.