DAP: Impose localised emergency in Sarawak to delay state election

By John Isaac

THE federal and state governments must ensure it is safe for all voters to vote before calling for the next Sarawak election.

Otherwise, the GPS government would be guilty of putting the lives and health of Sarawakians at risk merely for the political expediency.

Sarawak DAP chief, Chong Chieng Jen said as at July 25, only 58.9 per cent of the Sarawak population had their first vaccine dose and 40.5 per cent had their second doses.

“In other words, about 60 per cent of our population is not fully vaccinated.To make matter worse, the recent outbreak of the Delta variant has shown that even those who have received two doses of vaccine can still be infected,” he said.

As of today, he said there are still hundreds of new infections daily in Sarawak.

Schools are closed. Many businesses are still ordered to close and most can only operate at a reduced capacity.

Employers are struggling with their businesses and paying their employees’ who are struggling with reduced salaries and allowances and the possibility of retrenchment.

“Every day, many are asking for aid to put food on the table. With all this happening, it is surely not the time to call for state elections,” stressed Chong.

As revealed by the Minister of Law in Parliament, Cabinet has decided to revoke the emergency proclamation, which means Sarawak will be compelled to hold its election within 60 days from the date of the said revocation.

My questions to the Chief Minister are:

1. Does GPS have any influence at all in the Federal Cabinet to stop the Sarawak election being held in the midst of this pandemic?

2. Is it the intention of GPS to take advantage of the present pandemic to hold the Sarawak election and jeopardise the lives and health of voters?

“Even if the federal government wishes to revoke the emergency order nationwide, it is still possible to have a localised emergency order in respect of Sarawak to avoid the state election to be held within the next 60 days.

“DAP Sarawak urges the government to impose the localised emergency order for Sarawak so we need not hold the state election within the next 60 days,” he added.