DAP appeals for public help to donate more food packs to those in need

By John Isaac

THE DAP today appealed to the public to help donate food items for the party to distribute more food packs to those in need.

Michael Kong, special assistant to DAP Sarawak chief, Chong Chieng Jen, said they aim to collect enough for at least 500 food packs to be distributed to the people.

“During last year’s MCO, many people were affected by the restrictions imposed by the government. With many unable to work and due to the slow action by the relevant authorities, DAP had to resort to starting its own food aid initiative.

“DAP had voiced disappointment over how inefficient the authorities were in distributing the state government’s food aid,” he said.

This time round, Kong said the Welfare Department was more efficient in its distribution of food aid.

“Within a week of the announcement of the ‘total lockdown’ MCO, we saw the department distributing food aid packs to the local communities.

This is the sort of efficiency that we had been advocating for in the first place, and not for the food aid to be managed by GPS politicians,” he said.

However, he said there were still many who have yet to receive any food packs from the Welfare Department.

“We have been receiving requests from many saying how they are not given food packs by their Ketua Kampung for one reason or another.

“Many others living across Kuching have also contacted us because they have no one else to turn to. We have since given the particulars of these people to the Welfare Department for them to arrange for the distribution of food packs accordingly,” he said.

He said DAP will also once again be arranging a similar food aid drive to assist these people; albeit on a smaller scale since some industries are still allowed to operate subject to the current SOPs.

Meanwhile, Chong said a group of seven families were staying at a workshop compound at Hua Joo Park.

He said they were all daily paid workers and due to the MCO, all the bread winners could not work and the families have no income.

As they are in dire need for food aid, Chong visited them today with Kong and delivered provisions to them.

“So far, they have yet to receive any food aid from the Welfare Department. We hope the Resident Office and Welfare Department can expedite the food aid to those really in need,” Chong said.

Kong said all DAP elected representatives in the state have already donated 20% of their allowances to this cause.

“At the same time, some of our fellow DAP members are also chipping in for this cause. Thus far, we have managed to distribute close to 500 food packs worth approximately RM50 per pack consisting of rice, biscuits, instant noodles, bee hoon, sugar, canned sardine, canned corn, and eggs.

“Our financial resources are very limited and we appeal for assistance. Anyone interested in donating any food item can contact any DAP member or our offices,” added Kong.