Cow trying to escape Aidiladha sacrifice lands in drain before being slaughtered

The surau committee sought the help from the Fire and Rescue Depatrment. – Borhan Halus’ Facebook photo.

By Chew Lip Song

A COW due to be sacrificed for Hari Raya Aidiladha in Sibu today escaped from its cage, before ending up in a  an eight-foot deep drain where the animal was slaughtered after a futile effort to remove the animal from there.

The animal escaped from the Surau Darul Jannah compound around 7.30am before crashing through the surau’s gate and headed into the open area nearby.

Surau chairman Ali Supian Daud, 45, said members of the public were also seen chasing after the cow to prevent it from escaping, Borneo Post reported.

“Initially, the villagers succeeded in tying it to a tree. But somehow, it became more aggressive and jumped into the drain opposite the road in front of the surau.

“After several futile attempts by villagers to remove the cow from the drain, we were forced to call in the firemen at around 11am for assistance, but also without success,” he said.

As it was difficult to calm down the cow, the ‘korban’ committee suggested it be slaughtered in the drain concerned.

The cow was slaughtered at around 12.15pm by Imam Surau Darul Jannah Ustaz Fathoni Sukriyo.

“Three people had to go down into the drain to tie the cow’s legs so that the slaughtering process could be carried out, while others held it down with rope.

“This is a really unforgettable experience as it is the first time the sacrificing of a cow was done in a drain,” said Ustaz Fathoni.