Covid-19: Visitors to longhouses in Miri urged to get tested

By John Isaac

RESIDENTS from Kapit who have visited several longhouses in Sungai Liam and Bakong in Miri are urged to come forward and undergo Covid-19 screening immediately.

The Kapit Division Health Office made the call following the emergence of positive Covid-19 cases in some of the longhouses.

According to a spokesperson of the health office, the longhouses involved are Rumah Emah (formerly known as Rumah Ramba), Sungai Liam, Miri; Rumah Apol (Sungai Liam, Miri); Rumah Chabu (Bakong, Miri); Rumah Anthony (Bakong, Miri) and Rumah Justine (Bakong, Miri).

“To anyone who visits the longhouse mentioned between December 1 and January 17, please come forward to undergo screening immediately,” he said as reported by New Sarawak Tribune.

Those involved may contact the Disease Control Unit (CDC) of the District Health Office at 084-799264 for Kapit, Song (084-777833) and Belaga (086-461128).

“They can also go directly to any nearest Covid-19 screening centre such as Kapit Health Clinic, Song Health Clinic, Belaga Health Clinic and Sungai Asap Health Clinic,” he added.