Covid-19 vaccination: Trust in God and all will be fine, says 101-year-old Sabahan

Chung after her vaccine shot. – TheStar Pix

By John Isaac

FOR centenarian Chung Kui Ching, taking the Covid-19 jab was a mere walk in the park.

“There was no pain except for a slight pinch when the needle went in, ” said Chung, all of 101 years old.

She commended the nurses and medical officials, including doctors, at the Dewan Mini Putrajaya Sabah vaccination site in Kota Kinabalu for doing their job professionally and being gentle with her.

They were very polite and explained the process to her in a clear manner, said the mother of eight, grandmother of 17, and great grandmother of four.

According to The Star, Chung has a message for all the doubting Thomases out there.

“Don’t worry, let us all take the vaccine so that we can fight this pandemic, ” she said, adding that there was nothing to fear.

Chung, who received her first jab of the Pfizer vaccine on Monday, said she feels fine.

Initially, she felt a slight dizziness right after the jab, but there was no fever or other side effect so far.

Her second jab is scheduled for May 24.

“For me, I leave everything to God. My life belongs to God so I just carry out my responsibility as a citizen of this country to take my vaccine, so that we can all be protected, ” she said when contacted.

Chung was neither nervous nor worried prior to the injection.

“Just trust in God and all will be fine, ” she said.

She hopes those who have yet to register for the vaccine will do so soon.