Covid-19: Song akin a ghost town now

Song, once bustling with activity, now resembles a ‘ghost town’. – New Sarawak Tribune Pix

By John Isaac

THE district of Song suffered the impact caused by the Pasai Cluster, which has brought about an increase in positive Covid-19 cases in the state.

A survey conducted found out that almost most shops here are closed, with only a handful of traders operating until noon.

Song district police chief, DSP Rowney Michael when contacted described Song as a “ghost town”.

“At the police headquarters here, we also took a drastic approach by minimising our staff’s attendance as two of our staff tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday,” he said.

Commenting on the current situation in the district, he said the police is monitoring seven longhouses to prevent more infections.

The longhouses include Rumah Gelana (Tekalit), Rumah Jala (Nanga Miaw), Rumah Garing (Nanga Miaw), Rumah Nyangun (Nanga Miaw), Rumah Gari (Nanga Rarong), Rumah Serit (Nanga Banjor) and Rumah Japok (Nanga Senyaro).

“The police also set up roadblocks at Jalan Hin Hua and Jalan Takan to curb the movement of residents in those areas.

“In this regard, residents are advised to stay in their homes and restrict unnecessary movements,” he explained to the New Sarawak Tribune.

He also added that so far, there is enough staff to carry out Covid-19 related operations with assistance by the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) and the Civil Defence Force (APM).