Covid-19 should be factored into all government policies – Dr Yii

Dr Kelvin Yii – Pix from

By S. Harrish

THE new Government should learn from the mistakes of the previous government and not repeat them while expecting a different outcome.

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii said this includes not putting all eggs in the vaccination basket.

He said this was in line with the WHO regional director Dr Takeshi Kasai statement that vaccines alone will not put an end to the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

He had said that the country should also implement effective intervention measures to control the Covid-19 outbreak.

“That is why we have pushed the government to invest and strengthen the public health capacity to implement Find-Test-Trace-Isolate-Support (FTTIS) strategy alongside vaccinations” said Dr Yii.

He said in a statement today that despite the commendable vaccination rate, the positivity rate has exceeded 10% for 36 consecutive days, indicating widespread under-testing and that the disease was widespread in the country.

Yesterday’s positivity rate was 13.22%, way above the WHO recommended level of 5%.

“That is why, Pakatan Harapan has suggested to the Prime Minister and the government to allocate a further RM4 billion immediately to protect the capacity of our health care services, while building a reserve surge capacity for any upcoming waves.”

To prepare the nation to live with Covid-19 as an endemic disease, he said strategic risk communication was important to explain the transition to the public and prepare them for the new normal.

The DAP parliamentarian said Covid-19 should not be treated only as a health matter, and it was needed to be included in all policies of ministries as the nation finds its way forward.

He hoped the new understanding between the Prime Minister and the opposition following their meeting yesterday would spark a fundamental reset to the approach towards Covid-19 for the benefit of the people.