Covid-19 RM10k fine: Dr Kelvin & team ready to assist

Dr Kelvin Yii – Pix from

By John Isaac

BANDAR Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii and his party are ready to lend a helping hand to members of the public who alleged that they were unjustly fined for flouting Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) guidelines.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Dr Yii expressed his concern over the number of people here who came forward to seek help after they were slapped with a RM10,000 fine.

“We will personally assist them through the whole appeal process and ask for special consideration for certain cases as well.”

The DAP politician noted that many of the cases involved the elderly, pensioners and the underprivileged group.

Citing an example, he said one of the cases involved an elderly man in his 80s who had recently lost a son.

“He is still in shock and grieving. I was informed that he was sitting in a coffee shop alone feeling lost. He eventually got up and walked out but forgot to put on his mask. He was then approached by enforcement officers who issued him a RM10,000 fine.

“He was very distraught as he cannot in any way afford to pay the fine. He acknowledged that he forgot because he couldn’t think straight and did not feel like himself for quite a while due to all that is going on around him.

“We will personally help bring him and guide him through the whole appeal process.”

According to New Sarawak Tribune, Dr Yii urged the public to comply with SOP guidelines to avoid being compounded.

He also called for fair enforcement from the authorities in view of the unfortunate situations that befell those allegedly flouting SOP.

“We are more than willing to help.”