Covid-19: Record 255 new cases and two deaths in Sarawak


By John Isaac

POSITIVE Covid-19 cases in Sarawak hit a record high today with 255 new reports, said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

SDMC said in a statement that Sibu continued to record the highest number of cases with 71 followed by Miri (57), Kanowit (30), Song (27), Betong (14), Dalat (9), Bintulu (9), Serian (8), Subis (8), Sarikei (5), Matu (5), Kapit (3), Sebauh (3), Kuching (2), Beluru (2), Bukit Mabong (1) and Tatau (1).

“The total number of positive cases in the state has now increased to 3,379,” it said.

The committee also said that the state recorded another two Covid-19 death cases today, both of which were registered in Sibu district.

“The 27th fatality involved a 53-year-old Sarawakian woman who was referred to Sibu Hospital on Jan 20 after having trouble breathing and was intubated to help her to breathe. However, she passed away at the hospital on the same day at 11.47pm.

“Her RT-PCR test which was taken on Jan 21 found her to be positive of Covid-19. The victim also had a history of comorbidity such as diabetes, high blood pressure and renal failure,” it said, adding that this case is under the Pasai Cluster.

On the state’s 28th Covid-19 death case, according to reports in Borneo Post, it involved a 91-year-old Sarawakian man who was admitted to Sibu Hospital on Jan 16.

“He was referred to the hospital by a care centre as he started to suffer from fever and cough from Jan 15. An RT-PCR test carried out on the victim on Jan 18 found him to be positive on Jan 21.

“The victim’s health condition started to deteriorate and he required respiratory assistance. He passed away on Jan 23 at the hospital at 4.31am,” it said, adding that the victim, who is from the Pasai Cluster, also had a history of comorbidity such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

On the new cases recorded today, SDMC said cases under the Pasai Cluster in Sibu have continued to spike across the state with the district itself recording the most number of cases at 42.

“Other cases linked to the cluster were also recorded in Kanowit (30), Song (27), Betong (13), Subis (8), Dalat (7), Miri (4), Bintulu (3), Sarikei (1), and Kapit (1),” it said.

It added that Sibu’s other cases recorded today consisted of 29 local infection cases involving symptomatic individuals who had undergone screening at health centres in the district.

In Miri, the district also registered 25 local infection cases which were detected from symptomatic individuals undergoing screening at health centres in the district.

“The rest of its new cases were all linked to other active clusters in the state namely the Rakut Cluster (21), Jelita Cluster (6) and Bah Sayap Cluster (1),” said the committee.

It said in Bintulu, four cases were linked to the Rakut Cluster while two local infection cases involved symptomatic individuals who went for screening at health centres in the district.

It also said that districts that detected new cases from symptomatic individuals who underwent screening were Matu (5), Sarikei (4), Sebauh (3), Dalat (2), Kapit (2), Beluru (2), Betong (1), Bukit Mabong (1), Tatau (1) and Kuching (1).

In Serian, eight of its new cases were from individuals who were screened after having contact with positive Covid-19 case while Kuching recorded one, it said

It added that these cases are all categorised as local infection cases.

Meanwhile, SDMC said 107 Covid-19 patients had recovered today of which 96 were discharged from Sibu Hospital, six from Miri Hospital, and five from Sarawak General Hospital (SGH).

“The total number of recoveries in the state have now increased to 1,700 or 50.31 per cent out of the overall cases,” it added.

It said 1,647 patients are still being treated at hospitals throughout the state, a majority of which are admitted at Sibu Hospital (1,085), followed by 294 at Miri Hospital, 154 at SGH, 83 at Bintulu Hospital, 30 at Kapit Hospital and one at Limbang Hospital.

“There are 15 Covid-19 cases being treated at the Intensive Care Unit at Sibu Hospital (10), SGH (3) and Miri Hospital (2) while three patients at Sibu Hospital, two at Miri Hospital and one at SGH are intubated,” it said.

A total of 379 new person under investigation (PUI) cases were reported today with 101 PUI pending lab test results.