Covid-19: Mounting deaths forces hospital to store bodies in containers

By John Isaac

SUNGAI Buloh Hospital, Selangor – a key facility in the battle against Covid-19, has resorted to storing the dead in containers amid mounting deaths.

“The Sungai Buloh Hospital Medical Forensic Department was forced to prepare special containers as additional storage for those who die from Covid-19,” the Health Ministry said in a Facebook post reported by Malaysiakini.

It also shared photographs of the white containers and workers setting up shelves inside them.

The Health Ministry said Sungai Buloh Hospital had six deaths from Covid-19 for yesterday alone.

The last week has seen an unprecedented number of Covid-19 deaths.

Prior to the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in April, the country had never seen more than 30 deaths in a single day.

However, the country has recorded more than 30 deaths in four of the last five days.

The highest number of 44 deaths was recorded on Saturday (May 15), with 26 of them in Selangor.

A total of 202 people died from Covid-19 last week, bringing the virus death toll to 1,902 people.

Patients in the intensive care unit are also at an all-time high of 520 people, almost double the previous peak in February.