Covid-19: Cops seal off access to Pasai Siong longhouses

Road access to Rumah Langi sealed off by police – Borneo Post Pix

By John Isaac

POLICE have sealed off road access to Rumah Langi and nearby longhouses in the Pasai Siong area following the detection of 37 positive Covid-19 cases and the emergence of a new cluster dubbed the Pasai Siong Cluster.

Several policemen were spotted putting up the roadblock to prevent entry and exit to these areas, which is about 40 minutes drive from Sibu town centre.

Road construction workers were seen leaving the area with their machinery after the access to these places were blocked.

According to Borneo Post, a worker, who asked not to be named, said the road access has been blocked and hence, could not continue their work.

There are eight longhouses including Rumah Langi in the area under Tamin state constituency. They are Jelian Nayor, Ringgit Unchu, Langi Ambau, Pom Maja, Nyanggai Alok, Jeram Empin, Kelly Chundau and Nyambong Ajon.

Sibu Resident Office called for a press conference on the matter this morning.

Sibu Disaster Management Committee chairman Charles Siaw said that the cases were detected through the screening results of a woman who returned to her longhouse Rumah Langi Ambau Douglas from Johor on Dec 29.

Meanwhile, attempts are being made to contact Tamin assemblyman Christopher Gira.