Camping outside banks to get cash aid

Emma Victoria

THE GOVERNMENT has been urged to provide a more effective and convenient way to disburse financial aid to eligible recipients, especially the rural villagers.

DAP Bintulu publicity secretary Chiew Chan Yew said many who lost their incomes due to the Covid-19 are relying on the cash aid from the government.

In order to avoid long queues and to receive the money as soon as possible, some of the recipients decided to spend the night outside banks.

“I went to the ground to inspect the situation around 3am a few days ago and found out that many of them were sleeping outside the bank, including elderly folks and women,” he said.

“Most of them came from longhouses, located hundreds of kilometres away.

“So, if the government is sincere to assist the people, they should make things easier and do not burden them,” he said in a statement.

Chiew also said it didn’t help that bank have also set a daily limit on such transactions, which makes things more difficult for the villagers and resulted in the long queue and crowd outside the bank, affecting businesses or other premises nearby.

“If the situation continues, it is giving the bank and its staff a very bad image as well.

“Hence, I urged the government to have the initiative to cooperate or work with the banks to provide a solution to tackle the issue,” he added.