Cabinet positions not for interns to prove themselves

Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun (left) and  her deputy Datuk Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff

By Sickened Malaysian

I read with shock and surprise – calls from our Prime Minister to give the new Women & Family Development Minister and Deputy Minister a chance to prove themselves.

This after a series of senseless and worthless statements from the deputy, Datuk Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff.

Honestly, as a voter, I feel both of them do not deserve to be there at all – a view I am sure is shared by most.

A Cabinet post is not one which is given to an intern for him or her to prove themselves. It is an important position which demands a high level of credibility and professionalism.

These two should not be there and I certainly do not agree that the rakyat should be giving them a chance, especially since we never ever voted for Siti Zailah to be in the federal administration in the first place!

At a time like this when the rakyat are desperate and in a state of panic, we have to deal with an incapable government which clearly does not possess the expertise to handle such a situation.

This is the time we really miss the wisdom and medical expertise of Tun Dr Mahathir and Dr Wan Azizah.

They are both doctors and so was our former health minister and I am sure their expertise would have been very valuable at a time like this.

Just look at the ridiculous decisions made in the last 24 hours to contain the Covid-19.

The government in fact opened the floodgates for the virus to spread far and wide – into all villages and every other part of the country.

Did they ever think for a second what is going to happen? What about students? What about outstation workers? The list goes on.

Clear cut incompetency. All people like Datuk Seri Mohd Azmin Ali and his gang wanted was power, power and more power.

Just look at the state of the country now – just two weeks in administration and the nation is down to its knees, not to mention the water cuts some of us are facing also.

You want us to stay home, which means we need to cook to eat – please explain how we are to do that without water?

Please do the right thing and let the rakyat choose who should run the country, not force your way in and then make a mess!!

Sickened Malaysian from Petaling Jaya is a reader of The New Sarawak. The views expressed here do not necessarily represent those of this portal