Kuching boutique sews PPEs for SGH

Tanoti House director Jacqueline Fong (left) and a volunteer getting ready materials for PPEs. (Facebook Pic)


By Jack Lapidus

AMIDST the mounting shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE),  boutique songket atelier in Kuching, Tanoti House is making a difference by making one PPE at a time.

Volunteers at Tanoti House have been making various forms of PPE for Sarawak General Hospital’s (SGH) medical front liners as the hospital faces a critical shortage of PPE due to the ongoing fight against Covid-19.

Tanoti House director Jacqueline Fong said the project came about after her brother Raymond heard of the PPE shortage, which led to medical workers there being insufficiently equipped to protect themselves while carrying out their duties, Borneo Post reported.

“SGH uses an average of 500 pieces of PPE per day.

So, we decided to try and see if we can make enough items for the hospital to ensure their PPE stock is at a comfortable level to cope if Covid-19 cases here rise,” she said.

The project serves as a stopgap measure as there is a disruption in the global market for PPE.

Nearly 900 pairs of boot covers and 300 pieces of hood covers have been produced by Fong’s team of volunteers since the project started last Saturday.

“We procured the materials from Kuching suppliers because that’s the easiest and we do not need to wait for stocks to arrive.

The fabric is of clinical-grade material and it’s waterproof, withstands heat, and intended for single-use only,” she said.

A total of 45 volunteers are making the PPE while another eight have volunteered to produce the pattern block, sort materials, pack the finished items, and provide logistics.

Fong did not expect the response from the public to be so overwhelming.

“We are very touched by the enthusiasm of the people in Kuching, who came forward and expressed their interest to help us sew the PPE,” she said.

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