BN candidate tests positive for Covid-19 on Sabah polling day

Sufian Abdul Karim – Picture from Facebook

By John Isaac

A Barisan Nasional candidate for the Sabah Election tested positive for Covid-19 on polling day today.

Sufian Abdul Karim, who is contesting the Pitas seat, stated in his Facebook post at 11am that he was infected.

“I have just received my test results and confirmed to be positive for Covid-19 and apologise to all voters, the machinery workers, friends and relatives who have helped throughout the campaign.

“Pray for me to be given the strength to face this test and to recover soon,” he said in the post, while urging those who had been with him to take the relevant precautions and undergo screening.

He added that he hoped the situation will not dampen the mood of their struggles in this election.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Mohd Razlan Rafii and information chief Sharil Sufian, both who had taken part in the election campaign in Sabah, had also earlier confirmed they were infected with Covid-19.