“Black Hole” case: Court interpreter denies translating news article on the issue

By Emma Victoria

A Kuching court interpreter denied translating a newspaper article that was related to the “Black Hole” case, from Mandarin to English.

The Kuching High Court heard today that the article was translated by a former court interpreter and that it needed to be certified.

In her testimony, witness Lee Chai Sieng said she was approached by Voon Yan Sin from the Sarawak State Attorney-General office to certify a translation in March last year for filing purposes.

“I received a few calls from Voon regarding the matter, but I told him I didn’t want to get involved in the deal. So, I told him I will help look for another interpreter to do it,” she said.

Lee said she later forwarded an email sent by Voon, with two attachments, to a court interpreter in Miri who accepted the job.

She was referring to Ngu Leh Yiing, who is also a witness in the case and had testified earlier.

However, Lee couldn’t confirm if they were the articles published in Sin Chew Daily newspaper on Jan 3, 2013 as she didn’t read the contents.

It was in this news article that Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen is said to have made the allegations against the Sarawak government on the state trust fund.

Lee said her email records showed that she had sent a translation of the Mandarin news article to Voon in June, but it was not translated by her.

“It was not my translation but I can’t recall who passed it to me. I need to go through some documents again to reconfirm,” she said.

She also admitted passing some documents to Ngu when they met in the court building in August last year, mostly related to translations and certifications, including the one requested by Voon.

Chong is being sued by the Sarawak government and State Financial Authority for allegedly using the term ‘Black Hole’ to insinuate that RM11 billion had gone missing from the state coffers.

His allegation was published in the Rocket, Malaysiakini and Sin Chew Daily as well as pamphlets distributed by Chong and the DAP.


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