BKSS food packs worth only RM50 and not RM70, claims DAP

Picture from Malaysiakini – for illustration only

By John Isaac

BASED on the recent BKSS 6.0 allocation for food aid, the value of each individual food aid pack should be approximately RM70.

However, according to the DAP, many recipients of these food packs claimed they only received food aid packs worth approximately RM50.

“These recipients would like to know where the remaining RM20 has gone,” said Michael Kong, a special assistant to Sarawak DAP chief, Chong Chieng Jen.

As a member of GPS, he said SUPP owes it the people to provide an answer to this pertinent question.

“This is especially so when SUPP is the party in charge of the distribution of food aid packs within Kuching.

“Due to this and since accountability is one of the basic fundamentals in any democratic society, Pending ADUN, Violet Yong had previously raised questions on the food packs and directed them to SUPP,” he said.

He said SUPP should give a reasonable answer to this question.

“I believe that since SUPP has been in the Sarawak government for nearly 60 years, it should know its responsibilities as the government of the day.

“Why did the RM70 food aid pack end up being only worth RM50?,” he asked.

Michael said DAP has never targeted members of SUPP for their work because they are only performing their tasks for the benefit of the people.

Instead, the question is aimed at SUPP leaders and GPS because as the State Government, the party responsible must deal with these issues head-on instead of pushing the buck to any party members.

“I hope the leaders of SUPP can stop using party members to shy away from their responsibilities and answer this simple question; one that seeks transparency from the government for the well-being of the people,” he added.