Best bet for GPS is to support Anwar, says reader

Muhyiddin, Dr Mahathir & Anwar – Picture from TodayOnline


By Puyang Jau

IT would be most beneficial for Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) if it were to throw its support behind Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the current political tug-of-war in the country.

As GPS once again finds itself as kingmakers in the ongoing tussle, many feel the best deal for Sarawakians would be to support Anwar.

After all Dr Mahathir never wanted to give in to the demands from Sarawakians when he was in power and now, with the current administration, the future seems uncertain.

Though we are in a better position with Muhyiddin as opposed to Mahathir, there is plenty of uncertainty over how long this current administration will survive.

The best bet would be Anwar. After all, he has the support of more than 90 MPs and is willing to negotiate with GPS on their demands.

If Mahathir was to return to power, many fear that Sarawak will once again receive the shorter end of the stick.

Our oil royalty has been an issue for years and only now we have made some headway. I am sure we can get what we deserve with Anwar … but certainly not with Tun.

It was reliably learnt that GPS has already made certain requests if Anwar was to become prime minister.

Among the request are than the deputy prime minister’s position be given to GPS and the current deal with regards to oil royalties remain.

Apparently, the request for the DPM’s position has also caused a power tussle within GPS itself.

An insider revealed that the current Sarawak chief minister was “keen” on the position, while another senior politician from Sarawak who currently holds a federal government ministerial post was also eyeing it.

The prospect of a DPM’s position for GPS has also caused some struggles in Sarawak for the potentially vacant CM’s post.

Apparently, one of the deputy chief ministers and another Sarawak politician who also holds a federal government ministerial position are aiming for top state post.

Overall, GPS had the most to gain by supporting Anwar for the premiership.

It is no secret that GPS has already lost some ground in Sarawak by supporting Perikatan, which means supporting PAS also.

Sarawakians are against PAS and their policies, so the best option for GPS now would be for them to bet on the right horse, which seems to be Anwar.

Puyang Jau is a reader of The New Sarawak from Kuching. The views here do not necessarily represent those of this portal.