Baru Bian stands against “unfair budget and illegitimate government”

Baru Bian

By Emma Victoria

SELANGAU MP Baru Bian was among those who stood up for  bloc voting at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday as the 2021 budget was not comprehensive and Perikatan Nasional (PN) not a legitimate government.

He said the budget was unfair and many including him, had voiced their dissatisfaction but their concerns were not taken into account in the Finance Minister’s winding up speech.

“We had voiced our dissatisfaction like many others including neutral parties, but our concerns were not taken into account in the Finance Minister’s winding up speech and no amendments were made to the budget on those points.

He may have made some concessions in some but many were not considered or not very clear,” he said in a statement.

Baru Bian, was among the 13 MPs who were said to have stood up to support an individual vote after the annual budget was passed at the policy level through a voice vote.

He said opposing the budget also means a reflection of the opposition to the PN federal government which was not mandated by the people.

“But, I noticed there was confusion among the opposition MPs at that time as there was a last minute instruction from the opposition whip  not to go for bloc voting.

“PKR and DAP MPs were looking at their leaders whether to stand up or not. Some stood up and later sat down as their leaders did not stand up to indicate going for bloc voting,” he said.

He said in the event the budget is defeated, the inference is that the PN government has lost its command in Parliament, thus throwing doubt on its credibility to lead the country.

“Whether we succeed or not is another issue altogether. It is the principle behind the voting that matters the most – that the PN is not a legitimate government and the budget is not just and fair” he added.