Are Dayaks only visible during elections?

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By Emma Victoria

POLITICIANS have been urged not take for granted the Dayak community in Sarawak and only see them as “fixed deposit” during elections.

In making the reminder, DAP Serian pro-tem chairman Brolin Nicholsion said the federal government’s move to declare Fridays as ‘Jawi Day’ to preserve the national heritage seems to have ignored other languages.

“How about other national heritage such as Bahasa Iban, Mandarin and Tamil?”

“Back then, there was Bahasa Iban syllabus in secondary school, where the Dayak students can choose whether they want to take up the language as one the subjects in school.

But now, it seems like the language is no longer part of the national heritage as the Dayak community do not have the choice to learn about their culture in school and need to learn others’ culture instead,” he said.

“Are the Dayaks not valuable in the eyes of the current government? Or are the Dayaks valuable to everyone only during elections because they are ‘fixed-deposit’ for opportunist politicians?

“Where are all the Dayak leaders in Gabungan Parti Sarawak? Are they not elected so that they can be the voice for the Dayaks? Do they agree with the announcement by the government?,” he asked in a statement.

Brolin also questioned if there is any plan for the state government to prevent the Dayak culture from being lost forever or to strengthen the Dayak language in Sarawak?

“As a young Dayak growing up in the village, I really hope the current Dayak representatives can be our voice,” he said.


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