Another allegation of food aid held up by politics

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By Chew Lip Song

SARAWAK PAS has joined the chorus of protests over the distribution of food aid for the needy in the state being stymied by politics.

Sarawak PAS Commissioner Jofri Jaraiee said some poor villagers and needy folks in urgent need of food aid were being forced to fill forms by certain politicians representing the Gabungan Parti Sarawak government, The Star reported.

He said he had received complaints from needy folk who could not get food aid in places like Kampung Lusut, Tudan and Kuala Baram.

“They said when they sought help from certain politicians, they were told to fill in application forms.

“Why is there a need for those living in poverty to fill in application forms when they ask for food aid from the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) offices?

“This aid should be distributed quickly on the ground based on the actual needs of those who are disabled, and those living in poverty. There should be no politics involved,” he added.

Earlier, the DAP had highlighted that the state government took some 20 days to deliver aid to the needy, especially in opposition-controlled areas. This was despite the DAP being able to raise funds and distribute aid within days despite not being in the government.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat Women exco member Zulhaidah Subah also claimed to have received complaints from a Miri resident of being turned away by when applying for assistance from an officer working with a GPS lawmaker. The resident was told to approach the opposition instead.

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