Allow online appeals for Covid-19 violation compounds

Tan helping a member of the public file appeal against the compound – Handout photo

By Chew Lip Song

THE government should allow those compounded with Covid-19 SOP violations to appeal for fine reductions online.

Ex-Stampin MP Julian Tan said the current process required those compounded to be physically present and filling up forms and only during office hours. This, he said, unnecessary burden the people at a time when jobs were hard to come by.

“The situation can get complicated and confusing when there is a sudden influx of visitors. Many have no idea what to do and need to over the counter many times for inquiries, obtain forms, fill forms, and submit upon completion.

“There will be those trying to get things done here and there, which may take a while. Others need to come back for the second time due to incomplete documents that they will only find out there,” Tan said in a statement.

He added that the penalties was meant to deter the public from breaching Covid-19 SOPs and not unnecessarily burden the officers and violators.

Tan, who is also a special assistant to state DAP chairman said process of appealing should be seamless, paperless, and contactless as much as possible, to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Tan also reminded the public to bring along the original compound slip when filing their appeals, besides bringing along copies of documents that could strengthen their case, such as pay slips, birth certificates of their dependents and printout of their BPN or BSH slips.