All schools to close tomorrow until at least mid-Jan

The Star photo.

By Chew Lip Song

ALL schools nationwide will close from tomorrow and will reopen earliest on Jan 20 next year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Education Minister Dr Radzi Md Jidin said officially the schools closure is until Dec 17, before the year-end holidays start.

“Throughout this period, school administrators have to ensure that home-based learning continues and that teachers remain at their stations, ” he said in a media conference today.

Five million students and 500,000 teachers are affected by the closure.

The academic year for 2021 starts on Jan 20, with all primary school pupils starting face-to-face lessons on the same day.

Forms One, Four, Five, Six and vocational college students too will also start face-to-face lessons on the same day, while those in Form Two and Three students will return to school on March 8.

The SPM examination will be postponed again to Feb 22, from Jan 6 previously.

Semester 3 STPM examinations will begin on March 8 from March 1 before this.