A costly supermarket outing for family of six

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By S. Harrish

A FAMILY of six was fined a total of RM6,000 for going out to the supermarket together.

The family members, aged between 19 and 48, were stopped by the police in Sabak Bernam, Selangor on Saturday and were collectively compounded for breaching the Movement Control Order (MCO), the New Straits Times reports.

Sabak Bernam district police chief Supt Agus Salim Mohd Alias said the offences committed was going against the order of an enforcement official, entering a supermarket as a group and not practicing social distancing.

All the individuals were compounded according to Regulation 11 of the Regulations and Control of Infectious Diseases 2020.

Agus Salim said the individuals were given a two-week period to pay their fines.

He urged the public to adhere to the MCO, adding that police will not hesitate to take severe action against flouters of the order which was enforced to stem the spread of Covid-19.