23 people found Covid-19 positive in Sibu missing

By Emma Victoria

Authorities are unable to locate 23 Covid-19 patients in Sarawak despite making various efforts to locate them.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Sim Kui Hian said the 23 are from Sibu and the cases were detected during a mass screening exercise.

Dr Sim, who is currently undergoing home quarantine, said they failed to be contacted due to various reasons but did not elaborate.

“Though so far, we have protected the identity of individuals at all cost, we may be forced to publish the names of the individuals in the interest of public safety,” he wrote on his Facebook.

This will be a major break from protocol as the State has so far kept a tight lid on the identity of confirmed cases but it has not stopped those infected from going public on their own accord.

Recently, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee decided to release locations or places visited by confirmed cases with the hope that those who are at risk would come forward to be tested.

He also urged all government officers, local and business communities as well as policy makers to go beyond their usual efforts and go the extra mile to play their roles in the battle against Covid-19.

Dr Sim said the MCO imposed in the whole Peninsular Malaysia, was “one occasion we do not need to catch up”.

“Let’s sacrifice, let’s suffer together now. Let our solidarity and united efforts win the war against Covid-19. Otherwise, we will be like Sabah in terms of cases and deaths everyday,” he added.