20 Miri hospital staff infected with Covid-19

Miri Hospital – The Star Picturealk,

By S. Harrish

TWENTY Miri hospital staff have tested positive for Covid-19 recently and the public have been advised not to go to Miri Hospital unless absolutely necessary.

Sarawak Health Director Dr Chin Zin Hing issued the advise, saying they have quarantined almost 200 other close contact staff.

“This measure has affected many of the services in the Miri Hospital where some of the clinics there had to be suspended,” he said, according to Borneo Post.

“As of today we have 20 staff in Miri Hospital who are confirmed to have been infected with Covid-19. A majority of them are from the Emergency Department.

“Because of that, we want to control the number of people coming to the hospital. That’s why for some clinics (in Miri Hospital) we have to suspend some of their services, but the drugs (medication for patients) we will make sure to supply to them continuously,” said Dr Chin.

He however assured that the Miri Hospital emergency services and other essential services will continue to function.